Christmas with Orson Welles, Dorothy Parker, Noam Chomsky, Ayn Rand and Mr Spock………

It’s a few years old now but this look at the supposed Ten Least Successful Holiday Specials of all Time on the Whatever website is very funny indeed.  Ayn Rand’s Christmas is particularly effective.

“In this hour-long radio drama, Santa struggles with the increasing demands of providing gifts for millions of spoiled, ungrateful brats across the world, until a single elf, in the engineering department of his workshop, convinces Santa to go on strike. The special ends with the entropic collapse of the civilization of takers and the spectacle of children trudging across the bitterly cold, dark tundra to offer Santa cash for his services, acknowledging at last that his genius makes the gifts — and therefore Christmas — possible.”

Sounds like a special Gideon Osborne and his family would enjoy!


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