Gauge: Hustler on the Move (Aqua Boogie Records)


Reviewed by Eric Saeger

Texas rapper Gauge knows how to compact syllables, but that won’t separate anyone from the current pack, especially given all the dried-up roto-tom-filled beats on this docket, the worst of which is Beat It Up, an Usher-blingy makeout number with a feat. by Miss Myke. Chicago-house (and tenuously Tupac-connected) producer Mr. Lee handled this stuff, and he adds a few phoned-in lines to two tracks Slim Thug got roped into as well, but despite any ambivalence he made sure his name was all over Shake It (Make It Bounce), being that its rumbly EBM sound has the strongest pulse of anything here. Basically it’s what you’d expect from a hiphop assembly line, which has resulted in little more than Gauge having to explain away scumbaggish booty-bagger lines, things of that sort; if you live and die for this kind of stuff there’s no reason at all to stay away from it, but pardon my snoring. Lots of B-list guests – in the widest clash of speeds, fellow Houstonian Scarface adds his mouf-fulla-hamburgers drawl to Gauge’s full-auto flame-spitting for the ballroom-twinkletoe soul of Hot Love.

Grade: B


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    I have a quite different opinion of this artist. I have seen him perform live. He can hold a crowd longer than some main-stream artists; and his talent for genuine hip-hop (not that candy/bubble-gum pop silly swag) a true lyricist (writing all his own music) so typical of undiscovered underground raw talent. If the 50K+ followers disagreed; there would be no deals on the table. This artist is playing it smart, remaining independent, so he can stay true to his craft and give the people what they want.

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