Get Carter – at the Scriptorium

I recently finished The Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter, someone I hadn’t read before.  Reading this wild-chaotic gothic grand guignol was a stormy ride. You only need begin to spy a plot summation (against a dystopian backdrop of America imploding in racial civil war, a misogynist  is kidnapped and savagely made female by a self made Earth Mother Goddess…etc..etc.) to get the feeling that overwrought histrionic absurdism may be at work. If anything, it gets madder as the plot progresses. And yet it certainly gripped me all the way through: intellectually stimulating, viscerally thrilling, and, if the florid prose style occasionally flies a little too free from its axis, a controlled chaotic beauty is far more often in evidence. Impressive and enjoyable then. This led me to explore a bit more about Angela, which in turn led me to this article here , a very interesting overview. The Scriptorium is a site I had not heard of before, but contains great summations of what they broadly term “experimental” writers, from Ballard through Carter to Joyce. If you like any or all, its well worth a look.  


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