Honey Ear Trio: Steampunk Serenade (Foxhaven Records)

Reviewed by Eric Saeger

Caveat emptor if you’re looking for a primer on the steampunk genre; this is actually a mildly experimental jazz quartet. I was drawn more to this by the promise of some modicum of electro (from the laptop of most-of-the-time bassist Rene Hart), however the bulk of this, to further shy away from getting wonkish, is dense post-Mingus beatnik noise. This was somewhat of a rush job, with just a month of truly open rehearsing, and the thickness of the dissonance is testament to that, much of it the sort of ugly-ass pretty-much-improv stuff you might subject yourself to if you’re trashing your own living room. Grooves both boppy (’Six Nettes’) and cacophonous (almost everywhere else) are found and lost as these folks ponder time off from their day jobs, most prominent of which is Allison Miller’s session-drumming commitments.

Grade: C

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