In One Wind: How Bright a Shadow (Primary Records)

In One Wind

Reviewed by Eric Saeger

Rooted mostly in twee-folk, these too-long-in-the-city Brooklynites erupt in occasional Boredoms no-wave (‘Death By Sea Air’) and play to their inarguable strengths with dweeb-prog (opener ‘Tuck Me in with Bells’), all the while dabbling in the cracks in between and offering singing that should have stayed in the shower, save for a few Anthony Kiedis-like vocal deliveries from leader/guitarist Angelo Spagnolo. It’s like Versus after listening to way too many Yes albums, as urban as a gallery full of unnecessary verist art, but that’s just me talking. Some will hear Belle & Sebastian possessed by The Pixies. What the hell do I know?

[They’re fans of fellow Brooklynites Dirty Projectors and Animal Collective, as far as these ears are concerned – Ed]

Grade: B-

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