Intensus: Intensus (Metal Blade Records)

Reviewed by Eric Saeger

IntensusJourneyman multi-instrumentalist Eli Litwin is from Philly, where he latched on to the extreme-metal scene at first before growing to dig math-metal and basically anything else that makes guitars sound utterly nuts. Even an eclectic snob like me can appreciate this project, which, simplistically enough, comprises a collection of off-the-cuff drum tracks Litwin made himself, which were then fortified with zoom-crash Dillinger Escape Plan ideas and state-of-the-art black-metal. Several guests are on here, so the vocal sound ranges from Cookie Monster to Toilet Monster to Quorthon to Animal, as in the drummer from the Muppets. Just calling it like I hear it, so walk it off, but meanwhile I’ll mention that when I first put this on – without knowing it was improvised noise – my honest-to-gawd first thought was “Maybe death-metal ain’t dead after all.”

Grade: A

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