Martin Moretto: Martin Moretto Quintet (self-released)

Reviewed by Eric Saeger

Martin Moretto QuintetSometimes you’re just looking for a little dinner-jazz and lots of subtlety. Moretto, an Argentine jazz guitarist based in New York, explores the sublime in his debut LP as a leader, pulling off some barely-there genius (the runs toward the end of ‘Imagenes’ almost sound electronically altered). His agility in the more traditionally bop-centric ‘Iguazo’ is another standout, full of friendly melodic banter that sax player Bill McHenry enhances with some wispy runs of his own. As a whole, the record – entirely written by Moretto – more than serves its purpose as a most companionable ally in getting through the commute or just having a pleasant damn day for yourself.

Grade: A

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