Pallers: The Sea of Memories (Labrador Records)

Pallers: The Sea of Memories

Reviewed by Eric Saeger

Johan Angergård may run Labrador Records, but this project, comprised of him as half of an electronica duo, isn’t a sloppy vanity release. I don’t know if I agree with other critics that this is all that “blissed out”, since after some shoegazey rinsing-down in opener ‘Another Heaven’, the pair settles into a series of sub-aquatic throbbings demarked by Pet Shop Boys style prettiness and prog-house chill. ‘Come Rain Come Sunshine’, for example, is precisely what PSB is doing these days, agreeable fractals underneath pie-in-the-sky twee baritone vocals. ‘Years Go Days Pass’ is similarly airy/lofty but swirled in a rainy, sad void, like what Sigur Ros might do, covered in glitch, some Ovation open strings, and tambourine syncopation. ‘The Kiss’ then proceeds to put the LP back on track nicely with yet more bedroom techno. All very euro, for sure, some grooves that M83, for example, could make real hay out of.

Grade: A

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