Brazil: Phonobase Music Services

Brazilian label and distribution company offers artists a unique way of doing business

What: A music services company and record label with an emphasis on innovative digital marketing strategies. The company blog is a stimulating source for stories about copyright and technological issues around music.

Where: São Paulo, Brazil

History: Founded 2007 by Juliano Polimeno. In 2008, the release of Cérebro Electronico’s Pareço Moderno included a free EP distributed via 50 blogs. Jumbo Elektro’s 2009 album Terrorist!? launched a Fan-to-Fan platform, a web-based affiliate scheme.

Remit: Juliano Polimeno: “Currently, the blogs represent an important interface between artist and audience. It’s through these spontaneous album reviews, links to mp3s and sites – and the concerts – that we can really assess the receptivity of the musical work of a particular artist in early career. These blogs are usually maintained by people really passionate about music, they spend part of their time reviewing discs, compressing, tagging and searching for information to express their love (or hate) for music. It is the music serving the personality of each one, acting an an identification and recognition tool for individuals with similar tastes. In short, the real ‘social network’ in which music is the aggregator”.

Artists include:
01 Druques:
Killers or Strokes Brazilian style. Marcelo Mesquita’s video (below) for 2008’s ‘Não Assim’ (‘Not So’) was a provocative take on the nature of popular entertainment.

02 Luísa Maita: Phonobase offer management and booking for this 29-year-old who brings a strong bossa nova and samba influence to contemporary pop. Maita’s solo debut Lero-Lero had a European and US release last May.

03 Jumbo Elektro: There’s long been a strain of the whimsical surreal to Brazilian pop. JE’s 2004 debut was subtitled The Very Best of Jumbo Elektro and their songs have titles like ‘Dylan Sings Bowie’ and ‘She Has a Penis’.

Further Reading:
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