Ponykiller: The Wilderness (Housecore Records)

Reviewed by Eric Saeger

PonykillerA for-dummies compaction of King Crimson, Doors and Amboy Dukes, oddly enough from New Orleans. What I mean by “for-dummies” is that the meandering experimentation has been largely removed from the prog aspects, a point that won’t set the world on fire. King Crimson was enough of a drag to listen to in the first place, but at least they thought they liked classical. No, what this ends up sounding like is the band Witch, whom you’ve never heard of either. So basically what I’m saying is laws should be passed preventing any further historical re-enactments of 60s acid-rock, unless some glitch or other tech is added to it, thereby rendering it relevant to this century. Come now, three billion Strawberry Alarm Clocks have surfaced in just the last five years, and the only ones who’ve made a (small) dent are guys like the Warlocks, who at least drown that crap in feedback skronk. OK, melodically these dudes are clued in, but jeez, who isn’t nowadays?

Grade: B-

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