Regurgitator: SuperHappyFunTimesFriends (Valve Records)


Reviewed by Eric Saeger

Their seventh full-length finds these anti-Wiggles Aussie punks floating an endless supply of quite listenable joke tunes powered by (very appropriate) bones to pick. All Fake Everything is just awesome, singer Quan Yeomans taking aim at modern rap with a grenade launcher, the first half a poetic apology from an interchangeable Jay-Z sung over a cheese version of Whiter Shade of Pale, after which Yeomans’ character boasts his uselessness from the rooftop (“you’d be bored if you were me!”) over a guitar line that’s a thinly disguised (what else) 99 Problems. Punk Mum is straight-edger stuff about sandwiches and things, which is always important, let’s face it; Be Still My Noisy Mind puts Duran Duran in a leglock for a skewering of Rio. Like an aural Mad magazine with swears, the way you fricking kids are supposed to be doing it.

Grade: A

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