Remaindered Links

Bill Hicks
1) An OK introduction to the comic legend, 2) A transcript of the Relentless album: “And after another month of bombing, they went from ‘the Elite Republican Guard’ to ‘the Republican Guard’ to ‘the Republicans made this shit up about there being guards out there’.”

RAW Fans
A goodly sampling of Robert Anton Wilson‘s many interviews and talks.

The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana Annotation Project
This wiki initiated by The Modern Word‘s Erik Ketzan promises to become a nice guide to Eco’s latest book.

Monadology by G.W. Leibniz
“Now this connexion or adaptation of all created things to each and of each to all, means that each simple substance has relations which express all the others, and, consequently, that it is a perpetual living mirror of the universe.”

Mati Klarwein
The artist responsible for the album covers of Miles Davis’ Live Evil and Bitches Brew has “cosmic” down pat.

Everything I Know by Buckminster Fuller
Bucky (FAQ) talks for some 42 hours. Listen up, kids. But why hasn’t the dymaxion map already become the standard representation of our Spaceship Earth?

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